The Heathcare Management Trust (HMT) has provided medical support to professional riders sponsored of JLT Condor since 2010 and this year will continue to provide that same level of support for 2015.
Alongside their support for the professional team this year HMT will also step forward to take title sponsorship of a Junior academy made up of 4 talented young riders who are aspiring to progress toward a professional career on the road.
HMT is backing the Junior Academy to provide aspirational focus for diet, healthy
weight maintenance and exercise, in particular for the young who it’s hoped
will follow the example of the elite athletes and establish the early habits of
a good diet and regular exercise which will last a life time.
Like their professional counterparts, the riders of the HMTAcademy will enjoy the opportunity to ride bikes lovingly produced by Condor, groupsets by Campagnolo as well as wheels and clothing by Mavic. However, the similarities with the professionals don’t end there as the riders will have their own Director Sportif, coaching support and team infrastructure to guide them through a race programme that will include a balance of domestic and international racing.
The 2015 season began for the riders in late 2014 as they joined their Condor-JLT professional colleagues in Grimsby for full medical examinations. The tests they underwent there screened them for medical anomalies and physiological issues, enabling
early treatment and correction to ensure they begin the season in the best possible condition to meet the demands of their rigorous programme.
The first get together for the team will take place in early 2015 when they participate
in a UK based training camp and team orientation weekend. After that, their formal race programme as a team gets underway with an international race; the Bernadeau Junior race in France’s Vendee region.
Follow the HMT Academy riders on twitter: @hmt_rra