Germain Burton



Young rider, Germain Burton, returns to cycling with the assistance of JLT Condor. The 22-year-old from south London left the sport in 2016, giving up his position in the British Cycling Olympic development squad. During his time away from cycling, Burton studied biomechanics and personal training. “I took time out to work on personal interests to better understand movement efficiency and injury prevention in training and general movement.”

As a junior and in under 23 races, Germain showed his talent in a number of areas, from hill climbs to track cycling, and his love for cycling was revived when he started a community project, One Life Cycle.

Germain returned to the team at the 2017 Revolution Series, he represented HMT Hospitals, in the three date track event. Germain is a punchy rider with the skills sprint, climb and is at home on the track and the road.