JLT Condor Team Announcement

The JLT Condor professional cycling team will finish racing as a team at the end of the season, after more than a decade of success.

JLT Condor has been consistently ranked the number one Continental team in Britain, formed in 2007 by Condor Cycles with manager, John Herety, at the helm since 2009.

JLT initially partnered with the team in 2013, renaming the Continental-level team Rapha Condor JLT. After enjoying three seasons of cycling success, JLT moved to principal sponsor at the beginning of 2016. The team became JLT Condor as part of a three-year contract, which concludes at the end of this season.

The support from JLT has enabled the squad to take their racing to a global scale, as well as provide a platform for future talents of the sport to perform on a world stage. It has also helped the team grow the successful career of Ed Clancy OBE, supporting the triple gold medallist through two Olympic cycles.

Managing Director of Condor Cycles, Grant Young, explained that he was proud to be part of the team for so many years. “This past decade of supporting the team has made me extremely proud. I’ve seen Condor bicycles ridden to National Championship victories, to wins in Australia, Japan, France, Spain and South Korea, to name but a few. There have been highs, lows, and many medals. We have all enjoyed working alongside JLT, a business of enthusiastic people keen to learn more about the sport, many of whom are cyclists.

“Up to now, we have been unable to find a partner to fill the position of JLT, but we will continue to search for one. Condor will continue to support cycle sport in Britain, as we have done since my father started the brand in 1948.

Nick Williams-Walker, Chief Operating Officer for JLT Specialty, said: “We are proud to have been sponsors of JLT Condor over the last six years and to have shared in the team’s many achievements during that time. We would like to thank all of the riders for their dedication and hard work over the years, and in particular their manager, John Herety, who has played such an important role in the development of the careers of so many young cyclists. We wish them all every success in the future.

“We are pleased to confirm that JLT’s connection with cycling continues through our ongoing sponsorship of Ed Clancy, as we support him on his journey to what will hopefully be his fourth successful Olympic Games in 2020.”

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