John Herety’s Moments of 2016

“2016, was a memorable year for me. After ten years with this team. 2016 will be remembered as one of my favourite seasons.”

Team manager, John Herety selects four of his favourite images from the season and tells the story behind the action.

The Clean Sweep

British Cycling National Circuit Race Championships
Jon Mould, Chris Lawless & Russ Downing after their first, second & third in the race.

Not only did the team take home the national but Jon, Russ and Chris featured on the podium. It was a dominating performance of teamwork.

“We had dominated the Tour Series so the everyone was looking to JLT Condor to take the win. There was a nervousness around us because the pressure was really on. The riders did well not to let it get to them.”

“The riders rode to the top, not just the three on the podium but all the riders who played at part in the win. A sweep at the championships is pretty much unheard of!”

Stage Win at the Tour du Loir et Cher

Russell Downing wins stage 3 of the UCI 2.2 race

Team leader and seasoned pro, Russell Downing has ridden everything from the Giro d’Italia to the northern classics.

“Russ is a dependable and experienced force. He is our team leader and sometimes if something doesn’t go to plan, Russ is there to take up the slack.”

“It was one of the coldest days in France. Cross winds and rain had really beaten the riders. Russell had spent all day looking after our sprinter Chris Lawless. The finish of the stage was really messy and Russ emerged at the front of the pack. When realised Chris wasn’t on his wheel, instead of sitting up or hesitating. He made a split second decision to keep going, in sprinters terms its like running 100m then doing it again but he managed it and won the stage by several lengths.”

Conor’s Solo Move

Image: Angus Sung

The CiCLE Classic is a single day race that takes place on some of Britain’s oldest and mostly unpaved roads. It is a test of handling, positioning and ability. Attacks had been happening throughout the 100 mile race.
“Into the final 5km, Conor and Chris Lawless were in a breakaway of eight riders.”

“If it came down to a sprint, Lawless would have been a good pick. So I had expected riders to attack each other to distance themselves from Chris and make Conor chase them back for him.”

“Conor caught everyone off guard when he sprinted from the pack at 2km to go. It was a calculated move and perfectly timed. Chase Conor back, would have meant that the other riders would bring Lawless back into contention for a sprint. It was Check Mate.”

“Conor put his head down and rode his heart out. Chris and Russ then finished up the sprint with a podium clean sweep.”

A Third Gold

Ed Clancy by Angus Sung

“Having watched Ed work tirelessly over the winter and get back to form from the back injury. I know what his Rio medal means.”

“Ed is an unsung hero. He is such a hard worker. It is brilliant to work with him and see him succeed.”

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  1. Mike says:

    A great team.

  2. Pauline_Ashley-Jones@JLTGROUP.COM says:

    Fabulous write up – thanks for the photos – especially the National Criterium Championships

    JLT Supporters were out in force and was great to see a 1- 2- 3 on the podium.


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