Mould Back on Track


Most know Jon Mould for his outstanding number of victories in the UK based Tour Series. In 2016 the rider won six of the ten rounds in the series.

After the long summer of success, there was no time for the Newport based rider to take his foot off the gas. He swapped eleven gears for one and took to the track with Ed Clancy.
The duo almost made the UK Revolution Series look too easy. The pair won the first two rounds ensuring they had a strong enough lead to wrap up the UK series by the start of November.

Proven Track Record

It is no surprise that the partnership of Mould and Clancy is a winning one. Jon Mould is a multiple track champion and a bunch race specialist, he’s represented Wales at the Commonwealth Games and finished on the podium at several World Cup and European Championships.
After taking time out from the track following the 2014 Commonwealth Games, Jon Mould has his set his sights on the boards, his long term goal is to represent Wales at the Commonwealth Games in 2018.

“The Commies are a massive aim for me, I had a good year in 2014, but I was ill just before racing and it didn’t go to plan at all. I really want to win a medal for Wales.”

The first step for the twenty-five year old is make a transition back to world level track. “I’m riding for Wales’ trade team., which is team USN, so we can gain some experience and get back to racing at a high level ready for Commonwealth Games.”

“I took part in the World Cup which was hosted in Glasgow velodrome earlier in the month. I’ll be racing again for Wales/Team USN at the LA World Cup in February after spending the winter down under with JLT Condor.”

[Wales is recognised as part of Great Britain. With a cap on the number of riders one nation can enter into UCI Track World Cup events, Welsh Cycling has entered a trade team to the series known as Team USN to ensure Welsh riders can compete.]


We caught up with him to find out more about Mouldy and track cycling.

Team: How old were you when you first rode at a velodrome?
JM: I started riding a bike when I was 14 at the velodrome, it’s the reason I ride a bike now. I went to a Saturday morning track session with Newport Velo and have never looked back. Living in Newport has its benefits because without the velodrome I wouldn’t be racing now.

Team: What is your favourite event?
JM: Under 23 Gent Six. I was 19 and 20, it was a brilliant experience racing before the pro races were on. We raced flat out. Doing down right crazy moves against twelve other ultra keen Under 23’s. We were taking as many risks as we could! 

Team: Top tip for going faster?
JM: A proper warm up is really important, the races aren’t very long so you need to be on it from the start. Fast wheels are the best way of going fast, disc wheels with tubular tyres.

Team: What’s your favourite discipline on the track?
JM: Any of the bunch races, so it’s hard to choose a downright favourite. Madison has so much going on so you can’t make one mistake. To be honest, I just love racing properly on the track in any of the bunch races!
They’re good when you’re going well and can be awful if your form isn’t good! 


Team: Favourite moment on the track?
JM: Winning European Junior Madison way back in 2009, we were the only team to take a lap and got it after being away for around 40 laps. Winning Bronze in 2013 Manchester World Cup Scratch race is another one, especially in front of a home crowd!

There is no question 2016’s star of the Tour Series has plenty more to give, not just on the road in 2017. See ‘Mouldy’ back in action for JLT Condor at the first round of the Revolution Champion Series in Manchester.
The men in black will face World Tour opposition in the series which finishes in London on the 2nd and 3rd of December.

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