JLT Condor fast men take aim for Rio

Alex Frame and Ed Clancy, MBE on the Tour Series podium

British Cycling and Team GB today announced that Ed Clancy, who suffered a near-career ending injury in the winter, will travel to Rio to ride in the Team Pursuit. Long standing member of the Men in Black, Ed Clancy, MBE along with team mate Alex Frame were both been long listed by their federations in the spring as riders who could be selected to ride in the Rio Olympics, 5-21st August.

Clancy and Frame have both contributed to JLT Condor’s all dominating performance in the recent Tour Series. Seasoned Olympian, will represent Team GB whilst Alex Frame aged just 22, will hoping to take part in his first Olympiad representing New Zealand, if he is selected after a summer training camp.

The riders who have enjoyed working together to help JLT Condor p/b Mavic secure an emphatic Tour Series overall victory but will now face each other as both aim to ride the Team Pursuit for their respective nations.

Team GB, Australia and New Zealand are the leading three nations in the Team Pursuit with GB team which, included Clancy, took gold in 2008 and 2012 games whilst New Zealand ha settle for bronze twice.
New Zealand quartet including Alex Frame beat the GB squad in the 2015 World Championships.

PZ2A8090Alex Frame, is a new addition to the JLT Condor p/b Mavic squad for 2016 and has enjoyed his summer in the hectic Tour Series:

“These last few weeks racing around the UK has been awesome for me. The tour series has lived up to its reputation. Diving in and out of corners for an hour in the rain with the boys chasing down these wins has been heaps fun.”

“The way I have planned my year with these races should have me into going really well once I jump back on the track. I’m heading to Belgium with the NZ team and very confident that the work I have done here in the UK is going to set me up for a successful campaign through to Rio.”

“All round, its been a great time being looked after by this team. The whole crew have been a perfect mix of serious and hilarious getting the job done.”

Track racing will take place in the Rio Olympic Velodrome, on the Olympic park in the Barra region of Rio de Janeiro. Team pursuit will take place on Day 6 and 7 of the games (August 11th and 12th).

Image: Chris Auld

Rio Olympic Games Track Schedule

Times shown at UTC -3 hours (Brazil time). Add 3 hours for UK time.

Day 6 – August 11

16:00-16:16         Men’s Team Sprint Qualifying

16:19-17:10         Women’s Team Pursuit Qualifying

17:10-17:23         Men’s Team Sprint First Round

17:23-18:19         Men’s Team Pursuit Qualifying                

18:21-18:29         Men’s Team Sprint Finals

18:35-18:45         Men’s Team Sprint Victory Ceremony

Day 7 – August 12

16:00-16:14         Women’s Team Sprint Qualifying

16:14-16:50         Men’s Sprint Qualifying

16:52-17:17         Men’s Team Pursuit First Round                              

17:17-17:28         Women’s Team Sprint First Round

17:30-17:58         Men’s Sprint 1/16 Finals

18:00-18:08         Women’s Team Sprint Finals

18:08-18:18         Men’s Sprint 1/16 Final Repechages

18:20-18:50         Men’s Team Pursuit Finals                         

18:50-19:00         Women’s Team Sprint Victory Ceremony

19:00-19:10         Men’s Team Pursuit Victory Ceremony                

Day 8 – August 13

Session 1

10:00-10:21         Women’s Keirin First Round

10:23-10:42         Men’s Sprint 1/8 Finals

10:44-11:05         Women’s Keirin First Round Repechages

11:07-11:15         Men’s Sprint 1/8 Final Repechages

11:17-11:40         Women’s Team Pursuit First Round

Session 2

16:00-16:16         Men’s Sprint Quarterfinals – Race 1

16:18-16:22         Men’s Sprint Race for 9th-12th Places

16:22-16:34         Women’s Keirin Second Round

16:34-16:50         Men’s Sprint Quarterfinals – Race 2

16:53-17:21         Women’s Team Pursuit Finals

17:21-17:25         Men’s Sprint Quarterfinals – Race 3

17:27-17:33         Women’s Keirin Finals 7-12

17:33-17:39         Women’s Keirin Finals 1-6

17:41-17:49         Men’s Sprint Semifinals – Race 1

17:49-17:59         Women’s Team Pursuit Victory Ceremony

17:59-18:07         Men’s Sprint Semifinals – Race 2

18:07-18:17         Women’s Keirin Victory Ceremony

18:17-18:21         Men’s Sprint Race for 5th-8th Places

18:21-18:25         Men’s Sprint Semifinals – Race 3

Day 9 – August 14

16:00-16:38         Women’s Sprint Qualifying

16:40-17:02         Men’s Omnium 15km Scratch Race

17:04-17:12         Men’s Sprint Finals – Race 1

17:12-17:40         Women’s Sprint 1/16 Finals

17:42-17:50         Men’s Sprint Finals – Race 2

17:50-18:47         Men’s Omnium 4km Individual Pursuit

18:47-18:51         Men’s Sprint Finals – Race 3

18:51-19:29         Women’s Sprint 1/16 Final Repechages

19:29-19:39         Men’s Sprint Victory Ceremony

19:42-20:00         Men’s Omnium Elimination Race

Day 10 – August 15

Session 1

10:00-10:19         Women’s Sprint 1/8 Finals

10:21-10:48         Men’s Omnium : Kilometre time trial

10:50-10:57         Women’s Sprint 1/8 Final Repechages

10:59-11:17         Women’s Omnium 10km Scratch Race

Session 2

16:00-16:24         Men’s Omnium Flying Lap

16:26-16:30         Women’s Sprint Race for 9th-12th Places

16:30-17:20         Women’s Omnium 3km Individual Pursuit

17:23-18:15         Men’s Omnium 40km Points Race

18:17-18:35         Women’s Omnium Elimination Race

18:35-18:45         Men’s Omnium Victory Ceremony

Day 11 – August 16

Session 1

10:00-10:16         Women’s Sprint Quarterfinals – Race 1

10:18-10:39         Men’s Keirin First Round

10:41-10:57         Women’s Sprint Quarterfinals -Race 2

10:57-11:19         Women’s Omnium 500m Time Trial

11:19-11:23         Women’s Sprint Quarterfinals – Race 3

11:25-11:46         Men’s Keirin First Round Repechages

11:46-11:50         Women’s Sprint Race for 5th-8th Places

Session 2

16:08-16:00         Women’s Sprint Semifinals – Race 1

16:36-16:10         Women’s Omnium Flying Lap

16:44-16:36         Women’s Sprint Semifinals – Race 2

16:58-16:46         Men’s Keirin Second Round

17:02-16:58         Women’s Sprint Semifinals – Race 3

17:42-17:05         Women’s Omnium 25km Points Race

17:52-17:44         Women’s Sprint Finals – Race 1

18:02-17:52         Women’s Omnium Victory Ceremony

18:12-18:04         Women’s Sprint Finals – Race 2

18:20-18:14         Men’s Keirin Finals 7-12

18:26-18:20         Men’s Keirin Finals 1-6

18:30-18:26         Women’s Sprint Finals – Race 3

18:40-18:30         Men’s Keirin Victory Ceremony

18:50-18:40         Women’s Sprint Victory Ceremony


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