Tour de Yorkshire: Spectator Guide

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With three days of racing through Britain’s largest county of Yorkshire, there are plenty of opportunities for those looking to see the action of the Tour de Yorkshire unfold from both along the roadside and from the sofa.

Here’s our guide for viewing each stage.

STAGE 1: BEVERLEY TO SETTLE, 186km – 29th April


Location – Beverley Market

Start time – 12:00pm

Team area – TBC. Expect teams to be arriving from 10:00am

JLT Condor Yorkshire recon


Pateley Bridge – ETA – 14:55pm.

Nestled at the bottom two hills, the small market village of Pateley Bridge sits at the foot of the only KoM peak of day.

Home to the oldest sweet shop in England as well as a host of independently ran cafes, pubs and restaurants; there is plenty to keep everyone happy before the race arrives.

Côte de Greenhow Hill – 2.8km, Ave 8.6%. ETA – 15:02pm (to the top of the climb).
After starting with a 16% ramp out of Pateley Bridge, the climb eases slightly before the gradient heads back into double digits towards the end.
At times reaching +20%, the 2.8km climb gives plenty of opportunities to those spectating to get a good look at the riders as they make their way to the top. Once at the top, the view opens up to the sensational Yorkshire Dales.


Location – Duke Street, Settle

Estimated Finish Time – 16:30pm

The small market town of Settle hosts the first finish of the 2016 Tour de Yorkshire.

After weaving its way through the narrow high street, the finish line comes into sight in front of the quaint market square.

STAGE 2: OTLEY TO DONCASTER, 136km – 30th April


Location – Boroughgate, Otley

Start time – 14:30pm

Team area – TBC. Expect teams to be arriving from 11:30am



Conisbrough Castle – ETA – 16:37pm

The medieval fortress of Conisbrough Castle sits at the top of the stage’s last KoM peak.

Kept under the supervision of English Heritage, this historic castle is well worth a visit before the race arrives to tackle the 0.5km climb around the outer walls.

Just a short distance west of the finish in Doncaster, spectators should be able to make their way to the end in time to see the riders sprint for the line.


Location – S Parade, Doncaster
Estimated Finish Time – 17:23pm

As a sprinters stage, we expect to see some of some huge crowds as the race comes hurtling towards the finish line in Doncaster. Born, raised and still reciting in the town, Graham Briggs will be looking to put in a strong performance in front of his hometown.



Location – Albert Road, Middlesbrough

Start Time – 11:35am

Team area – TBC. Expect teams to be arriving from 9:30am


With six KoM peaks and a host of uncategorised climbs throughout the route, Stage 3 offers plenty of different options for those looking to spectate from the roadside. Here are our picks for the day.

Côte de Sutton Bank. ETA 13:06pm (to top of climb)

The first KoM peak of the day comes in at 1.4km with a testing average gradient of 12%.

We expect crowds to be big and lively as the riders stretch their legs.


Côte de Blakey Ridge. ETA 13:54pm (to top of climb)

At 4.8km, Côte de Blakey Ridge is the tour’s longest climb, however the road continues upwards for a further 5km before reaching the summit that over looks the North York Moors.

A sensational 360° panoramic view can be had from the top and the race will come into view long before it reaches the top. Be sure to pack plenty of food and refreshments, as there aren’t any shops at the top. Great spot for a picnic though.

Côte de Grosmont. ETA 14:46pm (To top of Climb)

Featured in last year’s tour, the Côte de Grosmont is no easy task with an average gradient of 10.8% over 2.2km.

The foot of the climb resembles more of an alpine switchback with gradient figures reading 33% so we expect to see a huge crowd on the roadside with a real supporters party atmosphere cheering on the riders.

Robin Hood

Côte de Robin Hood’s Bay. ETA 15:23pm (To top of climb)

The riders will crest the summit of the climb after 1.5km at an average of 10.3% with the North Sea as their backdrop.

This was the climb that saw an attack of five riders that went on to cross the line ahead the peloton so we can expect to see a lot of activity on this climb and will definitely be a crowd pleaser.

Location – Royal Albery Drive, Scarborough
Estimated finish time – 16:25pm

We’re guaranteed massive crowds for the final stage of the Tour de Yorkshire as the races comes around Scarborough’s promenade.

It is highly recommended that spectators should get to the finish early as road closures will affect much of the towns entrances. However, plenty of shops, restaurants, amusements and one of England’s busiest beach should provide enough to keep everyone occupied before the race comes into town.


For those unable to be at the roadside, both ITV and Eurosport will be showing the race live.

Stage 1

ITV 4 – 11:45am to 5:00pm

Eurosport 2 – 3:00pm to 5:00pm

Stage 2

ITV 4 – 2:15 – 5:45pm

Eurosport 2 – 3:45pm to 5:45pm (Women’s tour on from 8:30am)

Stage 3

ITV 4 – 11:00am – 5:00pm

Eurosport 2 – 4:00pm – 5:00pm

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