Highs and lows for JLT-Condor

Last night saw Felix English take a step onto the Elite Circuit Series podium in what has been a difficult four months for the young rider. Felix suffered a severe broken wrist in February, described by a top surgeon as “a career ending break.”
The Irish born rider showed his return to form in the previous round of the series working hard for fellow team rider Graham Briggs. In last night’s race English, who now has an arm full of metal, was rewarded with a trip to the podium.
Although the pace was high there was no notable split that was allowed to go free. Matt Cronshaw (Madison Genesis) was first to have a go but was rapidly pulled back, and shortly after a break looked likely with a group of five almost breaking off the front. Throughout the race, JLT’s Tom Moses tried to go clear but the bunch was reluctant to let the Commonwealth Games rider free. As the race drew to a close a mass sprint finish looked likely, Andrew Hawdon of Raleigh GAC had speed to take him to the line just a few inches in front of Matt Cronshaw and Felix English.
Despite the delight for Felix there was a bitter end to the evening. An early crash on lap two took down several riders including some from JLT Condor including Richard Handley, who last month finished 5th in the Tour of Korea.
“The crash that Richard ended up being tangled in has resulted in a broken collarbone. He is ok and we have the support of HMT Health Care who, like with Felix, have swiftly flown into action, immediately assessing him and giving him the care he needs to start his recovery. He’ll back where he want to be, on his bike as soon as possible, and that is thanks to the support of HMT.” John Herety, Team Manager

1 Andrew Hawdon Raleigh GAC
2 Matt Cronshaw Madison Genesis
3 Felix English JLT Condor

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